ERIN Customer Launch Kit

Launching a new Employee Referral Program can be challenging! Here are some resources that you can use to begin your journey.

Policy, Planning, and Pre-Launch Resources

A well-organized, well-thought-out policy, platform configuration, and workflow are three cornerstones of an effective employee referral program. At ERIN we know that planning your ERP is tough.  Below are a few resources that we've developed to help you plan your program!

  • Integration Fields Document
    • A simple overview of the fields that ERIN needs to receive in each of the feeds that are required for integration (active employee feed, jobs feed, and candidate feed).
  • Full Integration Overview
    • A full, technical overview of the process of integrating your ATS with ERIN. Please note that there are specific integration guides for many major ATS systems. You can discuss this with Sales or with your Customer Success Champion.
  • Sample Bonus Policy
    • Our Sample Bonus Policy is a great starting point if you're not quite sure what an Employee Referral Program policy looks like, or if you want to create a new one from scratch.
  • Candidate Status Mapping Tool
    • Use this tool to help you organize your candidate statuses, and determine what your employees will have visibility of during their referrals' hiring process.
  • Bonus Structure Template
    • A simple spreadsheet to help you organize and plan your bonuses, bonus tiers, and different bonus categories that you'll be using with ERIN.

Mobile App and Branding Resources

(for White Labeled Customers)
  • White Label Assets Guide
    • An overview of the assets and information required for the development of your custom ERIN site and mobile application.

Change Management, How-To Guides, and Launch Communication

  • Launch Email Samples
    • Sample emails to use when communicating the launch of ERIN to your employees.  Everyone's communication schedules vary, but use this framework to let your people know what to expect.
  • Informational PowerPoint (Editable)
    • Informational PowerPoint that can be edited to share information about the ERIN platform. Please read the speaker notes on each slide for recommendations from the ERIN team. The last slide also includes instructions on how to export your edited slide show as an informational video for your employees!
  • How-To Guides
  • Customer Support vs. Customer Success
    • A quick guide explaining which ERIN team to reach out to regarding common post-live needs including bugs, configuration questions, and outages.

Extra Resources

  • 4 Steps to Success
    • A simple visual that can be shared that outlines how to get the most out of your ERIN experience as an employee.
  • Employee Referral Challenge
    • A sample "campaign" poster that could be used to encourage employees to engage with the platform and how to earn additional incentives.
  • Breakroom Posters
    • Sample break room posters that can be posted in high-traffic areas to draw attention to the platform.