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Job Alerts Module


This article is a guide to using the Job Alerts Module, which will allow employees to keep track of the jobs that they want to refer friends to (or apply to internally).


The Job Alerts Module on the ERIN platform allows employees to track and receive alerts for jobs they're interested in referring or applying to internally. Employees can set preferences for job alerts through the employee dashboard, which include filters for Department, Subcompany, and minimum Salary.


The job alerts module allows employees to set their job preferences directly from the employee dashboard.

When ‘Job Alerts Module’ is activated on the employee dashboard, it will dynamically change based on what stage the employee is at in their job preferences setup.

If an employee has not set their job alert preferences, they will see the module with a notification bell.

By clicking on the ‘Click here’  link on the module, they will be taken to a new view to set up their preferences.

Preferences can be set based on the Department, Subcompany, and Salary of the jobs that the employee wants alerts for.

NOTE: The Salary filter is used to select the minimum salary for the roles that will be shown. Jobs with higher salaries will also be shown in these alerts.

Once the employee saves their preferences, the module will show the number of new jobs that have been added in the last 14 days that meet their criteria.

They can click the ‘View Jobs’  button on the module to be taken to the Jobs page with their pre-existing job preferences set as filters.

Employees can edit these preferences at any time by clicking on ‘Edit Job Alerts’ on the module.


NOTE: An employee can still edit their preferences in the ‘My Profile’ screen, but this allows them to do it right from the dashboard.