120-Hour Report

To follow along with this article, you will need:

  • Administrator-level ERIN access


In this article, you will learn how to enable ERIN's 120-Hour Report, which will deliver a report of referrals that haven't accepted their referral or submitted an application after 5 days.


Using the 120-hour report

Sometimes, a referral may not accept their referral or apply through the ERIN link. This can result in a great candidate being overlooked in the process. To combat this and give visibility to recruiters, ERIN can generate a 120-Hour Report. The 120-Hour Report will send an email to selected email addresses listing any candidate who is in the Referred or Accepted status for 120 hours. Paired with the Referral Reminders, this will keep Candidates engaged with Recruiters.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings tab and select the Settings subheader within the tab. Scroll down on that page until you find the Notifications section. At the bottom of the Notifications section, you will see the following: